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Solar can help you lower your electric bill, save money, add value to your home, protect yourself from escalating electricity costs and offers a switch to clean, renewable energy.

By financing, you can immediately obtain a solar system with $0 upfront cost and start saving money immediately.
Review the information below and contact us to figure out which option works best for you.


In some situations a solar lease is an easy, no-money-down way to get solar on your home and see immediate savings and a reduction in your monthly expenses. Most homeowners however have a federal and state tax liability and with the solar lease they are unable to take advantage of these incentives because the lessor has the right to those monies.

  • Limited to 20 year term
  • Maintenance is covered
  • See immediate savings
  • At end of lease, renew at renegotiated terms or have the solar removed
  • At sale of home, transfer lease at same terms to new owner or buy out solar if transfer is not possible (in a lot of cases what we have seen in the transfer is a new home buyer does not qualify which will increase the purchase price to the new homeowner at a cost above market value for the solar)


Solar Solution AZ has a finance option that can fit any type of client. This unique solar loan program lets you go solar with no money down, while benefiting from an immediate savings on your electric bill. This financing option gives an overall better return on investment than a lease without the upfront cost of a cash purchase.

The most popular option is

  • 18 Month Same as Cash Loan which is used to finance the incentives for the solar system
  • 15 year 3.49% loan which is used to finance the remaining balance of the solar system
  • In this scenario the homeowner would lock in their electric cost at or below what their current average bill is.

Other Options include

  • 15 year loan term, with a +25 year lifespan of solar
  • 20 year loan term
  • 10 year 2.99%
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Ease of sale: solar is considered an asset to house, reflected at resale and property evaluation

Annual Electric Costs